Customer feedback on the transportation of the Imitator!

by Ted Williams

Hey Hunters

Here's another tip. I was talking to a customer yesterday and he said, rather than wrap the string around the top of the Imitator for transportation, he leaves the string on the decoys, at the depth he hunts when he places them in the bag. That way they are ready to go next time because he hunts the same depth most of the time. Of course, that depends on how much rain he gets as to change in the depth of water. However, it's probably a good idea anyway. There would be slack in the string so if the motor got turned on accidentally while in the bag the motor could turn without being put in a bind and damaging the motor or shaft. Of course, the in line fuse is on the way for most of you so this is going to eliminate any damage to the motor if something weird happens. But no need in blowing a fuse either if you can help it. 

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