The SOAB Imitator is the 1st ALL 4 natural motion decoy system:  Swimming, Feeding action, Diver & makes perfect Ripples defining realistic duck decoys.

The duck Imitator decoy is a Stand Alone jerk Free rig that eliminates all limitations and restrictions. Created & developed by Ted Williams available through our duck hunting store at SOAB Hunting Company.   

Joe from Michigan had this to say about the Imitator and Ted Williams, founder & owner of SOAB Hunting Company:

"As for success I will say this. The Imitator is a game changer. To tell you the truth I am not much of a duck hunter at all. I can't call very good. I'm not very good at knowing how to set the decoys right to get the birds in but my daughter and my little brother love waterfowl hunting so I spend as much time doing it with them as I can tolerate. Since I started using the Imitator none of that matters much. The thing is like a duck magnet. The ducks don't even have to see it just the sounds seems to hook them. But when they do see it it's game over. I also have noticed that it works very well for almost all species up here even using it with just the mallard decoys. The day it took a swim down the river we were hunting wood ducks and they couldn't resist it. 5 guy limit in about 40 minutes. In a nut shell I would say it took me from killing 2 or 3 ducks each time we went out to getting our limits every time we go out.... I want to say that I appreciate everything you do for your customer service and secondly what you do with the proceeds from your company. You are a true genuine person and we don't see that very much anymore."

Watch 9 seconds prove why the Imitator is a must have for you this duck hunting season. Now that’s realistic!  

Need more proof? See the Imitator in action for the Kill!  

Watch how easy & quick the SOAB Imitator is to setup from the creator Ted Williams!  

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