The SOAB Imitator care when hunting Really Really soft and muddy bottom.

by Ted Williams

Hey Hunters, another Tip. 

I’ve come across this a couple of times now. If your hunting in a really really soft muddy bottom, it might save you some trouble if between hunts you would remove the 4 phillips head screws on top of the Imitator, which opens up the pulley housing, and wash mud out with a hose or faucet if there is any. It seems that if the bottom is extremely soft, the Imitator could work its way deep into the mud allowing mud to build up on the string of the diving decoy and as the string is pulled into the pulley housing, mud could be packed into the housing thereby creating friction between the pulley and housing as it’s turning. If your hunting a really muddy bottom, it may be worth 3-4 minutes between hunts to wash this pulley compartment out between hunts. 

Check out the video below to see how to take the pulley housing lid off.   

Merry Christmas Hunters!