The Imitator off season preparation!

by Ted Williams

Here's a few suggestions for the Imitator off season preparations and a video on setup so your ready next season.

1. Keep the motor plate loose (unlatch the 4 clips ) so the gasket water proofing the battery compartment doesn't stay compressed so it will still have some "spring" left in it to seal next season. This also allows air to circulate in the battery box/motor housing & keep moisture from being trapped and rusting the motor.

2. I would set the batteries out so you can charge them up periodically. If a battery goes down & stays down, it will go bad. If you want, you can make another jumper kind of like the one that runs from the hot to the ground & run one wire hot to hot, one ground to ground, that way you can charge them at the same time.

3. Remove the top plate with the 4 Phillips screws & remove the pulley. Place some WD40 or some kind of oil on the shaft & seal around the motor shaft to keep the seal from drying out in the off season will keep the shaft from rusting. You could probably do this 2 or 3 times during the off season if you think about it. I would also place a drop or spray of oil on the bottom of the motor so the bearings are oiled and don't rust.

This should be pretty much it on the preparation. Just a few minutes will help the IMITATOR start off without issues next season (though I would be glad to sell you another one).

Here's a video on how to setup the IMITATOR for next season!